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MOMENT. is a mobile app targeting young travellers to help them share memorable moments with beloved ones. It allows them to send fully-personalised postcards on the go, just with some simple clicks.

my role

This is a start-up project with 5 other co-founders. I’m in charge of user research, UX/UI designs, and also involved in all other parts.

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Consumer     journey

#01 consumer journey

POS_user flow.jpg

User flow

#02 user flow

Project scope is defined based on both business strategy and consumer insights from retailers. The 4-step consumer journey is translated into the whole user flow to ensure a smooth in-store experience and trigger a better conversion.


#03 ux/ui designs

Based on the user flow, 46 unique screens are crafted from wireframes to hi-fi visual designs. Some screens are iterated more than 10 times in an agile way for better user experience. All stakeholders are actively involved in the early design stage to provide feedback in order to achieve consumer and business goals.



#04 Prototyping

Aimed at providing an immersive experience, the app is fully interactive and animated. A Flinto prototype is created for user testing and marketing presentations.

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User testing

Consumers in stores tend to spend less time on the app and have no patience to explore. The test focuses on participants' overall understanding of Hue, product interests and app efficiency(how far they can explore within a limited time).

20 non-Hue users are selected to attend the test. The most significant findings based on both quantitative and qualitative data are used to improve the design.

#05 user testing

DEV support

#06 dev support

Join the sprint planning and sit together with developers to ensure the interactions are correctly implemented and polish the pixels. A review-approve session happens at the end of each sprint to test on the "real" app. Visualized specifications are provided to developers in order to push the experience into the next level.

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UX/UI & motion design - Lan Wang

Development - Hannes Vandenberghe