one-handed assistants

Inclusive design . Product . 2014 _

The initial idea was to help people who have only one hand live more convenient. We did researches on the one-handed operation and the real needs of our target, based on which we then crafted two product designs to help them complete certain daily routines by using one hand.


Considering the designer's social responsibility, we focus on solving the problem in an intuitive way and keeping close to the vulnerable group emotionally.


Design process

#1 design process

We describe the opportunity as making the disability live more independently. The meaning of "independently" considered both physical and mental factors.

The value of the designed products is not future-focused but getting used at this moment.

Target studies

By performing 8 surveys and 2 interviews with target users, we learnt the living state of people with one-hand disability is much better than that of other severe disabilities. Most of them can manage routine works and have their own careers.

Thus, the service/product we provide should be a medium in terms of improving life quality, rather than just the "help".

#2 target group studies


Hand movement

With key movements extraction and stress analysis, we suppose that establishing the proper "fixed end" may simply the operations.

#3 hand movement research



#4 Ideation

Design & Modelling

#5 design & modelling


#6 Solutions


One-handed Home Assistant _


One-handed Twisting _