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Color Festivals

App/Icon design

Color Festival is a mobile app aiming at cultural transmission. The thesis research focuses on the 12 Chinese traditional festivals and the characteristic elements of them. A set of colors, icons, and interactive games are presented in the app to spread the cultural elements.


Color Melody

A way to "listen to" colors

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It is too hard for us to explain to the color blind what colors actually look like......

But how about telling them what colors sound like? 

By hearing a note or a symphony of colors, they can learn about colors in a new definition.

Magic Book

An interactive board book for toddlers 

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Magic Book is an interactive board book for toddlers, combining multiple interactions, multimodal senses, and feedbacks into one simple story -- Bear and Me. With these, kids can play with tangible components and get engaged in the story. 



Explore the solar system with your hand

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SolarExplore is an application presenting the 3D Solar System for exploratory learning practices. It's designed and built-in Unity. The manipulation of the 3D models is by hand. Hand gestures are detected by a Leap Motion controller.

The goal of this project is to provide an in-depth perspective view of the Solar system for educational purposes.