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WECASH is a global Fintech unicorn that aims to better serve consumers around the world by leveraging the power of AI, big data, and mobile technology. They are looking to redesign the current banking app as well as a rebrand, in order to target the EU market and provide a unique experience in banking and investing.

The Vision

Together with my client, we didn’t want this business to be seen as a traditional bank, instead, we wanted it to be portrayed as a playful but trustful financial partner. A bank that gives you full potentials in managing money and helps you achieve the investing goals. The color scheme and icon design were born from this thinking. And so was the way of communication which reflects young, fun and trustworthiness. 

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scope            process

#01 scope & process

By defining the scope with my clients, we break down the whole project into two phases — app redesigning and rebranding. Improving app user experience went on as a first step due to the tight launching deadline, while the visual designs went together with the rebranding to establish unique visual communication. 



I first conducted an online user survey with 22 target users — Europe-based young professionals and came to understand their behaviors around spending, saving, and investing. Based on the survey findings and insights collected from both the user side and business side, I then went on to build a full-scale user flow and app wireframes including all parts of the banking service — onboarding, paying, requesting, investing, cards managing, securing and etc. UI designs and a UI guideline followed, as well as dev support while building the app. Some core flows of the design were exposed in a follow-up user test, in order to gather data within beta users and ensure the best UX possible.

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The second step was to freshen up the brand’s identity, including the bank card, logo, and color schemes. A remote focus-group workshop was organized inviting business stakeholders which helped me understand the values they wanted to convey to the audiences. The existing company logo was recognized and trusted by many. So I updated the color schemes but retained the logotype. I added a rich icon “W” — a metaphor of investing and profit — which was used in different contexts to modernize the brand. 






"Lan is the most dedicated and at the same time, talented UI/UX designer I ever had the pleasure to work with. She has a strong work ethic, and was not afraid to share her own thoughts on the product (which were very helpful, and we adopted most of them!). Thanks to her help, we managed to move our project forward without much friction.  

Xinyuan Hu

Head of Product @ WECASH



UX/UI & Branding Design - Lan Wang

PM - David Yin, Xinyuan Hu